First post, first.

The lure of a fresh start has beckoned to me since my mental health issues started as a child. But a fresh start is not a blank slate. It does not return you to Go. It does not wipe the past clean. It's just yet another beginning in a long history of starts. Many of my starts have been false. The one I have most recently broken from was not; indeed, it's the best run I've had, and for the longest continuous time. Some might think I'm fleeing the road to success, but that's not how I perceive it. I'm merely trying to reclaim myself: my mental health, my attitude, my happiness, my me.

Capitalism demands branding. This isn't a place for brands. This is simply me, in word form (a linguistic form that can meaningfully be spoken in isolation), the form of my natural self. Reasserting that I can be me without apology, without insights and viewing stats, without performing business which I don't believe in – have never believed in.

But I still believe in myself and that's something significant after all these years.